Update  AGAIN!!

Thank you all for your prayers and patience. The new site is now live at

Soon, it will take over this website, but for now, please visit this link! Thank you!


Hello to all my beautiful Catholic people!

As you may have noticed, this website kind of looks like it's from the 1980's! And while that may not be all that bad, considering the 1980's was an awesome decade, the information on this website was from the 1980's as well!

This website has some big plans for the (hopefully near) future, with a brand new layout, sleek design, and some cool 21st century technology! Until then, we will keep the information on this website up to date (for real this time), promise!

The mass times, adoration times and the recent announcements have already been updated, the less important stuff will be updated later!!

Thanks for your patience, and love of Christ! Pray for us!

Hi there!

Welcome to the homepage of the McMaster Catholic Students Association. Whether you are a devout, practicing Catholic, a Catholic who wants to reconnect with their faith, or a Catholic anywhere in between, we are here to help. From daily rosary to the ever-popular monthly Source, we have plenty of events and resources to help you on your faith journey. We would love to see you at one or more [preferably more ;)] of our events! Make sure to check out the event calendar which can be found by clicking here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Oh and here's some good Catholic humor to brighten your day:

Recent Announcements

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Check out everything we've been up to this past term #Updating

Saturday at St.Patrick’s Church: #Unselfie

Thanks to Philip, Elysia and all those who volunteered to take time every Saturday morning to prepare sandwiches and hand them out to the homeless at St. Patrick’s Church.


To light a candle for those you love, to those who we will always remember. An amazing night, especially since it marked a century since the beginning of WWI in 1914. We lit many candles, and talked to a lot of great people.

5th Annual Christmas Dinner Dance

The best way to end the term is to celebrate Christmas with a dance! Despite the horrible traffic the seats were filled! It was a night to remember, dancing under the disco ball <3

Life of a Mesopotamian Refugee
It is important to pray for those who are persecuted for their faith, and just as important to raise awareness. We are proud to say that MACSA raised approximately $200 at the Christmas Dinner Dance (due to the efforts of Merilyn) for the the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union, who were collecting funds for the displaced refugees in Iraq and Syria  We also contributed another $100 to this worthy cause.

[Sadly we enjoyed ourselves too much at these events that we forgot to take pictures!]

The Source

What a turn out! The fact that students were willing to give their time for God even during their busy schedules (and maybe for the free pizza). We thank everyone who made these amazing nights happen: our music ministry, those who were brave enough to give their testimonies, and the priests who assisted us all night for adoration and confession. We also hope all you participated enjoyed the night, and were able to experience the joy and love of God to fuel their hearts throughout the year.


Thank you to everyone who came out to either of our weekly events, it is such a blessing to see how many people wish to learn more about their catholic faith. We hoped you enjoyed the music at JAM, and the Bible discussion at Compass, as well as the intriguing topics provided to the students each night.

Just a list of some of the interesting topics we had gone over last term

[JAM] Personal Relationship with God, Personal Prayer (is God really listening), Freedom versus Free will, Faith/Fact/Feeling, Pro-life, and a Panel Discussion on Vocations.

[Compass] Disagreeing with the Church, The real presence of the Eucharist, Mary’s Role, Marriage, Materialism, and an mini-Advent Retreat.


Soccer. Basketball. Ultimate Frisbee. Did we play all those sports in one term. YES WE DID! Did we have fun? OF COUSE! Thanks to Ronald for organizing us into one team, and all those who came out to play. We even won MVT for basketball!